AirBadmintonUK nylon boundary lines
AirBadmintonuK Nylon Boundary Lines sets with 6 AirShuttles 2.0
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AirBadmintonuK Nylon Boundary Lines sets with 6 AirShuttles 2.0

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AirBadmintonUk Nylon Boundary Lines set is sold with 2 tubes of Airshuttles 2.0. AirBadintonUK’s nylon boundary lines are made from woven Nylon and are designed specifically for playing AirBadminton, there are red markers indicating the 3m service mark and 5m width for singles. The boundary lines provide the correct court dimensions (50mm wide strips by 6m x 16m with additional slider to reduce the width to 5m for singles) for singles, doubles, and triples games of AirBadminton.

With the red markers which have been added by AirBadmintonUK you don’t need to take a tape measure with you when setting up your court we have taken care of all of the measurements for you. AirShuttle outdoor badminton shuttlecock

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Boundary Lines

There are two side lines of 16m, two base lines of 6m and two dead zone lines of 6m. There is no centre line that divides the court into equal left and right service courts.

The lines should be 4-5cm in width and contrast sharply to the colour of the surface. For sand and natural grass surfaces, boundary lines should be ribbons made of resistant material.

A bungee cord should be attached to each corner and connected to a buried anchor disk.
The bungee will provide the tension necessary to keep the boundaries in place while giving the flexibility to minimise the chance of injury should a player catch their foot under the line.

For concrete and asphalt surfaces, boundary lines should be a tape made of resistant material that sticks firmly to the ground or they can be marked/painted directly on the surface.

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