About AirBadmintonUK

AirBadmintonUK aims to bring all things AirBadminton to the UK making it easy to enjoy Badminton outdoors.

Interest was sparked

Our journey began in 2019

As a former player and current Badminton England coach, I have always had a passion for badminton, in 2019 I began working on an under 7 children coaching program which launched in January 2020 called Badmintots during my research for Badmintots I came across AirBadminton. As soon I heard about AirBadminton I knew it was something I wanted to be involved with both to try and as a way to have fun with the children in the garden.

Designed to be played outdoors


After the BWF launch of the AirShuttle in march 2020, I tried to purchase some tubes for home use with no luck. We now have a Partnership with one of the BWF’s official manufacturers and have brought them to the UK. 


We’re just getting started

Along with the AirShuttle we are working on developing partnerships with supplier, manufacturers to produce and sell all of the equipment (which we constantly developing) required to play AirBadminton as individuals, families and clubs.

AirBadminton develpoed by BWF Badminton

The journey started in 2014 with a vision to develop a new outdoor shuttlecock with increased resistance to wind, to allow people to have a more positive experience of badminton outdoors. The main considerations were, that it must be played with the same rackets and have good flight performance, spin response and durability. For more information on the development of AirBadminton please visit the BWF website here.