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AirShuttle 2.0

The new outdoor shuttlecock, AirShuttle, has arrived. It is optimized for the outdoor game, AirBadminton.

The official BWF AirShuttle designed specifically for AirBadminton
Airshuttle version 2
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AirBadmintonUK nylon boundary lines
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AirBadmintonUK 6 meter AirNet in use by people playing tennis with the AirNet in its low setting
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It has been great fun testing the shuttles and boundary lines for AirBadmintonUk. Playing outside has a very different feel to playing in a hall but it was great to get back playing again. For everyone missing I would encourage everyone to pick up a (loosely strung) racket and try AirBadminton.


Can badminton finally be played outdoors thanks to the new AirShuttle? Our initial review of AirBadminton (by the BWF) looks at this and we answer some key questions – such as how similar is it to normal badminton, and does the AirShuttle break your strings more easily?!

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They are finally here!

AirShuttle 2.0 the new and improved AirShuttle is in stock and ready for shipping.

Airshuttle version 2

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